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Capture Life Writing is a wellness center where medicine and psychiatry are not practiced, but rather humor, compassionate solutions and hope are perfected. We don’t conduct business - we promote well-being, wisdom, and peace.


Headquarters is a sanctuary in Western New York where the universal language of Kindness is spoken; diagnoses, labels and limitations are dropped; unplugging and reflecting are practiced; joy and harmony are promoted and shared; Listeners are available and Followers (of heart, intuition, dreams and spirit) are born. 



We guide others to their strengths, attributes and dreams and offer the hope and encouragement necessary to achieve them, realizing the importance of maintaining the mind/body spirit connection.  Our mission is to rewrite the current cultural concept of “mental illness.”

We all must work together to help one another. At Capture Life Writing, we help others by introducing others to a myriad of programs, coaching and mentoring to promote wellness by harnessing the power of words, love, joy, human and spiritual connections and nature.

At Capture Life Writing, we recognize that life programming and the cultural habit of assigning disorders takes us away from who we were meant to be.  Realizing that every individual has unique passions that bring him or her into alignment, we help clients shed their labels and guide them to the magnificent experience of the discovery of what brings them back to the joyful state that they were born into.


Under no circumstance should we consider ourselves to be the least bit disordered.   Come find and celebrate your true self with us today. 

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