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Author & Founder

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                Mary Clista Dahl was born with a violet-colored, fine point plastic pen in her mouth.  She learned how to command that at age three and has written about anything and everything since, first publishing in her early twenties. 

                She enjoys working with the energy and enthusiasm of the teen and young adult populations, and spent thirty-five years in higher education guiding students toward their chosen careers before making her own vocational shift to integrative health, consciousness studies and neuroscience, where she uses writing, listening, nature, human connection and other compassionate tools to bring hope and restore mental, physical and spiritual health to her earth family.  An avid nature lover, Mary lives in a home in western New York that is a certified National Wildlife Habitat.  She is transforming that into a wellness resource center. 

                 Mary is passionate about connecting, conversing with and uplifting her fellow humans, so feel free to contact her here.

Mary’s mantra:
“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”     - Hafiz of Shiraz




…make others aware of the myriad of alternative avenues to wellness and how journaling can be used as a catalyst to expedite the benefits
…empower each other by pointing out what is right about us instead of what’s wrong with us, sending the message that no one is the least bit disordered
…focus on personal stories, not labels, symptoms or medication side effects
…encourage and cheerlead each other without judgment
…provide a respite, a virtual and physical space for learning, sanctuary, quiet or play in a nature setting for individuals or organizations
…build true, loyal, deep and lasting relationships throughout our networks , connecting people on a deep human level

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