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A quick and entertaining read that takes you from learning about humor to rediscovering yours through insightful passages, amusing anecdotes, and self-examination. Enjoy for yourself or pass off anonymously to the grumpy people in your life.

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"Giddy as Charged is for you. The book discusses not only how to rediscover your sense of humor but how to enhance your life through regular and frequent practice. My favorite line from the book is, "the time to be happy is now". Too many of us live in the past or future, caught up in the melodrama of the outside world forgetting to nourish that inner child who is so much fun and will brighten your day. Chapter headings include "Life is full of ups and downs. So when you need a spark, a dose of humor, a little pick me up or just an entertaining read by an author who practices what she preaches. Why, Giddybe Happy, Never ever take yourself too seriously, gratitude, find the meaning in life...... just to name a few. The book comes complete with charts, lists, and a pledge. Whether you've lost your sense of humor or just want to keep it around....for the fun of it. Read Giddy as Charged. You'll love it.!"


"A good read with important lessons on choosing how to put a smile on your face! This book could be a positive life-changer for you Giddy as Charged is, indeed, an engaging Happy Manual. Mary Dahl compellingly invites the reader to view life positively with humor, even despite possible setbacks that could lead one to pessimism. Ms. Dahl brings her lessons to life by explaining personal circumstances that have motivated her to be genuinely happy and cheerful. She invites us to join her in being optimistically upbeat and humorous despite external influences that could drag us down."


"This book was incredible to me. I often find myself wallowing in my own misery, but this book truly helped me through that It gives an interesting perspective on how to turn life's lemons into lemonade. Everyday life can be stressful, grueling, even at times, overwhelming. However, this short book goes a long way on how to overcome common obstacles that can drag us down. It helps us do a self-examination of looking not so deep inside of ourselves to find and use humor in every aspect of daily living. It also brings awareness to appreciate the things that we have instead of longing for the things we think we need. Through a series of short anecdotes, personal examples, and creative original techniques we learn how to bring some light to things we normally see as dark. it only took me two days to read but comes with a lifetimes worth of advice. Find the time to read it, you will be thrilled you did."


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