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At this time, all of my offerings are available on an in-person basis only.


Suggested Topics:


  • Narrative shift training

  • Attentive Listening in an interrupting culture

  • Bringing in Youth Voices (eliminating assumptions)

  • Encouraging Intergenerational Interaction

  • Engaging Parents More

  • Honest and Open Communication

Documentary Screenings

(with or without youth panel discussions)


MIYOL (Make It Your Own Life) Program:

An alternative or supplement to the status quo mental health system, a program that has you replace your assigned label(s) with kind adjectives, determine your personal definition of psychosis, addiction or mental illness and help you to find a solution that works for you. Trauma informed, not trauma centric.


One-to-One Listening Sessions (up to two hours):

Library browsing


  • Workshops

  • Card Parties-Crafting a handwritten friendly or love letter

  • The journal as a listener

  • Pen pal network


​Because of the restrictions placed on these in terms of appointment lengths, diagnostic codes, labels and confidentiality, I am intentionally not licensed or certified by any state standards or requirements, and do not participate in any insurance. I steadfastly advocate for the best experience for my guests. 

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