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All I Know is Love

Feeling grateful after I finished a major project for her, my supervisor (bless her heart) told me to spend the afternoon doing whatever I wanted with my time.  No surprise, I chose to write.  Posed at the keyboard and ready for whatever topic entered my mind, I felt a bit of lingering sadness in the air from the conversations surrounding the Las Vegas tragedy earlier in the week.  Thinking about this and other situations that have no answer for the “Why?” question, the following poem came to me.   Being inspired to write poetry is rare for me, and what I compose I rarely share.  Yet as the words poured out on the paper, they soothed me, so I felt the urge to post.

Peaceful weekend, everyone.


All I can do is love. I cancelled the cable, gave away the television, limit Wifi. The incoming media was stifling the voice of my inner spirit. Of course, the stories still get relayed via the grapevine. I have no power to stop the terrorists, mass shooters; the violence. Yet I am able to make the choice to love, so I do.

I am aware of the lawsuits, mistrust, diseases, disposable relationships, unrest. Some in my closest circles are hurting each other; themselves. I put them in their light and help when I am able. And always shower them with love. 

It is my desire and nature to bring smiles into another’s day; kind words and deeds to friends and strangers. Steering away from the politics and drama not in my control; pushing forever forward on a path of joy. Some call me ignorant, blind, living with my head in the sand. Because I choose to see the beauty on the Earth; in this life. And seek out those who know it too. Because all we know is love. Big love, little love, feel love, live love, spread love. It is all my intuitive self leads me to do. Lost in a world sometimes alone not knowing where to begin. I remember that starting with love is always a good place. So I manage to find a way.

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