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Capturing Life in 2019

A lot of people know about my background, but very few know my story.”

That quote from one of my newbie writer friends was casually stated, yet it struck me as so profound, that I made him repeat it. That is the case with so many of us; we long to express ourselves deeply and to know each other that way.

In college, my concentration was communication.  The concepts I studied about how humans communicate have changed very little.  Yet in the 21 years since I graduated, the quality and meaning of conversation have diminished in opposite correlation to the number of ways and devices we use to be in touch.   Noticing this, I have intentionally to begun to create a more satisfying way to interact with my fellow human beings.   Although many of my friends and family are slipping into the social media world, I reach out to request face-to-face meetings and create reasons to party.  I long to experience their smiles in person, their eyes and to hear their voices in real time.

Based on my values and energized by what the world needs right now, I will celebrate 2019 by enthusiastically evolving the Capture Life Sanctuary; inviting others to enjoy sunrises, nature, resources, programs and more to experience the power of words, face-to-face human connection and the mental and emotional benefits of Myfi that accompany.  One month after leaving my higher education career, “refirement” has sparked a longing to get back into serving mode quickly.  I wish to show as many people as I can the reflection of their own light and happiness, which I see in every in every human being.  This is especially true for those of us who have been labeled by culture, family, doctors or self with an emotional or mental “disorder.” Those are just words that suppress and limit our capabilities, mask our dreams and drain away any desire to embrace our true awesome selves. I take wisdom from all of the people I work with and my readers who I am in awe of and grateful for what they teach me.

I rejoice as the Universe brings me new people, circumstances and resources to create this haven for myself and others.  It takes time and courage to reach out to find the networks of those who support a mission.  Yet I am finding the more I do so, starting with my neighbors, the local chamber of commerce and like-minded serving hearts, the more natural it feels.  I have said that we all must work together to help one another and that gets easier with practice.


I’m relishing in the mild temperatures and the ability to romp around town bootless and without gloves.  New Year’s Eve brought a celebration in the form of a girls’ night at a friend’s house.  Great food, beautiful company and lots of laughter with a traditional champagne toast at midnight made for a warm evening.  I miss the second home of my beach, so that will happen next year.  Meanwhile, fifty-five degrees and sixty-mile an hour winds made for a challenging drive home here in Western New York, yet the rain that represented tears of joy from heaven cascading on my windshield guaranteed a blissful year to come.  And a free car wash!

I’m in the process of introducing my Follower Development Program to encourage people to become Followers of their Hearts, Intuition, Dreams and Spirits, the formula that brought me to perpetual happiness.  There are enough leaders in the world; it’s time for a change. And I’m writing profusely, accompanied by new foster pit bull, Frankie.  She is one six-year-old clingy bundle of affection who follows me constantly and spreads her love to all who enter the Sanctuary.   Meanwhile, culinary training is going fabulously with Chicken Scaloppini and Red Wine Mushroom Sauce on last night’s menu and a successful multi-course Christmas dinner under my belt.

Sharing a quote that caught my attention recently:

“People are not seeking the meaning of life as much as seeking the experience of being alive.” – Joseph Campbell

I invite you to capture life with me in 2019. Warmth and Love, Mary

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