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Finding Humanity’s Team

After a week of viewing webinars that make up the annual Global Oneness Summit put together by Humanity’s Team, I have finally found my peeps. Averaging three hours a day of thoughtful and uplifting sessions ranging in topics from forgiveness to conscious business, this has been a worthwhile distraction from the anger and fear that have pervaded our culture. Today I heard a statistic that 70-80% of people agree that we need to fix the planet in some form, yet they are content to complain about it and are not putting forth any effort to improve things. How refreshing it was then to listen to panels of speakers that not only believe that the world can change for the better, but they are doing something to actively contribute to that.

While the rest of my country is panicking over Covid 19 or the presidential election, calling this a time of crisis, I am celebrating. According to the popular comments I hear in public or see posted in my infrequent visits to social media, it seems that most people want to wipe 2020 off of their calendars. They are living, breathing and bleeding negative emotion. Not me. What a gift this pause and isolation has been. A chance to take a step back and truly examine and clarify my intentions. As much as I value the offline world, all summer long I bit my upper lip, became receptive to Zoom and attended online transformational gatherings. In the process, I found and met people from around the world who desire to create the same thing that I do: a world filled with peace and harmony delivered through love. Removed from the chaos of the outside world, I am able to experience true sanctuary from the inside out through nature immersion and my writing and correspondence with my biological and Earth family. Covid allowed me to retreat to a better place so I am able to reach out to and recreate an even better one, accompanied by likeminded peeps from around the world.

Having discovered the true spirit of unconditional love several years ago, I felt alone with the Universe in trying to convey that message until now. Suddenly I find myself surrounded by hundreds of people in my networks who understand the power that this generates to all. I’m not afraid to shout it out anymore because I have plenty of company. I always did. Deep in our hearts I believe we all share the knowledge of this power, and I feel the energy of the collective consciousness that is coming from this awakening.

Like it or not, as she has routinely demonstrated throughout time, Mother Nature has reminded us of her upper hand this year. I heard someone question today, “What is she trying to teach us?” This should be an important question to ask ourselves. We humans are merely temporary guests in our Earth home, and we don’t know quite what to do when confronted with that, yet we do have a choice. To respond by lashing out, resulting in riots, arguments and conflict that result in her chaos or to calmly work with each other in accordance with nature to restore our rightful place as her equal. Through time, we have drifted apart from nature as opposed to being a part of her as intended. The concept is simple and relational, and one whose message (spoken in a universal language) has stood the test of time. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. We just need more listeners and doers.


Today I sat in the lone porch chair outdoors in the Sanctuary. The others have been placed in their winter resting place in the basement. I kept one up on the screened in porch for those rare tolerable warm days. Today was one of them, a 75 degree beauty with partly cloudy skies and a heavy breeze that sent colored leaves scattering.

You never see a squirrel these days running without a nut in his mouth. Many of the seasonal birds have migrated, so visitors to the feeder are mostly reserved to mourning doves and blue jays. Last week there was some excitement when a skunk was killed in the road in front of the house and I was entertained by a flock of turkey vultures swooping down, resting on the guard rail and having themselves a feast.

The last of my flowers are shutting down as I get ready to trade fall activities for winter ones. The Zinnias that I brought home from a local nursery in a small pot as an experiment last spring have exploded into a brilliant orange display. My garden time will be replaced by kitchen time, trying out new comfort food recipes. That’s okay because I’ll have time in between to plan mental and emotional wellness programs and the Sanctuary as a resource center for the spring. As Mother Nature goes dormant, respectfully, so shall I.

Until next time, do unto others.


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