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Making Fiction of Energy Vampires

Twice last week and many times in my spiritual exploration I have heard the term “Energy Vampires” used to describe “negative” people. I have even seen several workshops on the topic. My natural loving self is not comfortable assigning this designation to anyone. If I really make the effort, I have the power to keep my own energy level up, no one is able to suck that from me. It is easier to blame others as villains who affect my energy than it is to exercise my abilities to sustain it, helping myself and them in the process.  Furthermore, putting people in that category allows me to excuse myself from not listening to their entire story, to cast them off as less than me. My compassionate self would abandon them at a time when they may need me the most. That’s not the person I want to be for anyone.

So bring me your tired, your poor, your angry, complaining or anyone else you may deem as negative. I am willing to greet them all. Each of us deserves love, no matter what we have been through or how we behave because of it. The ones we call energy vampires likely have lived the worst stories and have buried themselves in the tightest coffins in the deepest graves and need the most tender care, not stakes driven through their hearts.

I see it as part of my responsibility to welcome all into my loving embrace, not just the outwardly positive ones who match my energy level. I believe in the spirit of unconditional love, and practicing it. Anything less is just a judgment call. Making up terms to marginalize others just because they don’t match your idea of kind is appalling. It allows you to not treat them with kindness or respect. It is a breaking of the golden rule. After all, aren’t there times when I too have lowered my own energy? There is a saying I really like that says, “if you spot it, you got it.” If you are using the phrase energy vampire in conversation, you yourself are likely sucking the life out of others by speaking negatively. Look in the mirror and examine your fangs, and consider how deeply they are cutting into the necks of others.


Travels to Ohio this week, I was amused by the digital highway signs that read “April 8 Eclipse, be prepared for traffic.” Mother Nature must be laughing for sure at how we are commercializing her miracles. The guest room I am privileged to stay in has me gazing out a window and falling to sleep with a vision of Orion and wakes me to the sight of two ancient trees who have been delivering wisdom to generations. They are my higher power, my guardian angels each morning, speaking to me through the hushed breezes of the centuries.  Their portrait adorns this blog entry.

Put a cape over the cold shoulder of your “energy vampires” today. For you too will surely need that love and protection someday. And weave it out of love. 

Blessings from me, the angels and the trees.

And much love,


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I love this ❤️ wonderful heart, Mary Clista. I feel this way about “narcissist” as well. When people intuit, align, and work together, it’s so obvious how human we all are.

Except for Mary Toni lol just a little joke there to keep things light.

But it’s true.

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