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Recalculating on the Joy Path

Recalculating in a big way, I’m working to find redirection after “retirement”. Drastic life changes (even the good ones) have a way of throwing off your inner GPS. SIRI and the smartest phones are incapable of accomplishing that, so I am. Antsy to find the path of least resistance toward exercising my mission of eradicating the current cultural consensus of mental illness, I’ve been seeking out options, different avenues and potential partners. Antsiness, by the way, although perhaps not desirable in the fidgety child sitting next to you, is a nice instigator for clarity and action when you feel it as an adult.

Florida visions are getting more clear as New York dreams become stifled by politics, lack of resources and my thoughts of upcoming winter temperatures which I find limit my activities. The New York Sanctuary is better left to pass on to another nature lover while I resume a fresh start for my work in the Sunshine State. After all, nature and people who are seeking mental and emotional wellness are everywhere, and my happy place is near the warm beaches. Just to seal the deal, when my furnace guy came for my annual maintenance check and I told him about my plans to move in the spring he responded, “Why Florida? That’s where all the crazy people live.” Of course he had no way of knowing that he just said that to someone who is labeled by society as Bipolar. I politely thanked him for his concern and burst into laughter when I closed the door behind him. How manic of me, Smiles!

Speaking of laughter, I hosted a family LOL in person barbecue and bonfire to celebrate the last day of summer. Even though we all live just a few miles apart, my kids and siblings rarely get together, so I knew it was time to initiate the blessed event. It was a blast, with my son cooking, wine flowing and s’mores melting. Highlight was my sister-in-law chanting a spontaneous poem and dancing around the fire in tribute to me for hosting. We did laugh out loud all evening long, keeping our devices yards away on the patio table.

As the intolerable (for me) temperatures loom just the other side of October, I ready myself to hibernate in my living room next to my fireplace to finish my latest book project, submerse in my bathtub and plan my Florida escapes. Meanwhile I’m milking every last ray of warm sunshine here in western New York. Per my face-to-face preference, I’m connecting with and having outdoor meetings with lots of local joyful, nature and spiritual peeps that represent a plethora of alternative mental and emotional healing modalities. These conversations will add a great deal to my book, introducing me to many other happy people that desire to help one another. A certified forest bather, Master Avatar, indigenous healing expert, wordsmith understanding the power of kind words and more to come. All are teaching me so much about life.

As is the man at the farmers market. He looked at my emoji T-Shirt and remarked, “Is that smiley face barfing up a rainbow?” I laughed and explained that it perfectly depicts my personality. He smiled and started rattling off a humorous array of funny statements that concluded with an apology that he suffers from Assault and Happery. I told him I was going to use that line. Wow! Humor is definitely not dead, and judging from the way I felt when I left with my sack full of vegetables, laughter is still the best medicine.


The leaves on the maple trees are just starting to turn from deep green to subtle yellow. The hedgerow matches as the goldenrod bursts forth to reveal its fall colors. My willows and pines are shedding their leaves and needles. The hummingbird feeder is back in the garage, and the birdfeeder is less inhabited, Skeezer (my squirrel) and Mr. Chipmunk are the most frequent visitors these days. The giant garden spiders are masterfully crafting their webs, and the crickets, katydids and cicadas are getting noticeably quieter. It is a time to admire the beautiful gifts of the autumn harvest as Mother Nature prepares her creatures for change.

It is a nice analogy as I ready myself for my new adventure in life. Trusting, manifesting and wondering how things will unfold, I enthusiastically put forth my passions and actions out to the Universe knowing it will deliver the people and circumstances necessary to produce my finest idea of perfection, as it always does. Just like nature.

Keep Laughing and Barfing Up Rainbows,

Love, Mary


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