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Red Balloons and Perfect Days

Fresh off a six-day visit to my second home of Florida, I take a lazy day off in the Sanctuary to enjoy some down time and nature. I took a two-hour nap on the couch, meditation break by the creek and mustered up the energy to do one whopping load of laundry. During my meditation, I was aware of the living creatures all around me. Ants and tiny spiders tickling my skin, an ebony damselfly spending time alternating between my second toe, shin and large blade of grass nearby and a flock of unidentifiable birds roosting at the top of a distant lifeless tree. The welcome sound of the streaming creek obliterated the interruption of the speeders on the nearby road who were oblivious to my peaceful intentions, and I was grateful.

In the evening, after a light dinner of delicious roasted potatoes with tomatoes and fresh basil from my simple herb garden, I sat outside reading Finding My Virginity by Richard Branson, someone I aspire to be like when I grow up. Smiles! At sunset I paused to raise a glass in gratitude as always. For my trip to Florida I stayed with priceless friends, took new ventures to Cape Coral and Pine Island (we scoped out a mango farm where I purchased sea grape honey) and excursions to new eating places. I also had the privilege to introduce myself at the Gulf Coast Writers Association meeting, an organization of over 200 authors that I’ve been a long-distance member of for years. This was my first in-person interaction with them and it was like coming home to meet a new welcoming family.  So heartwarming.

Today I am also grateful for the accomplishments of my biological family, my son’s “new” truck, a 2016 Chevy Silverado. Our banking system would not allow him a loan despite the fact that his credit rating is impeccable. He has grown into a financially responsible young man, so I was proud and unafraid to act as co-signer for him, knowing he will rise to the occasion. His thankfulness toward me, accompanied by the look on his face behind the wheel was its own reward. My foster Granddog got a new Wubba this week as she recovers nicely from eye surgery and heartworms. Life is good!

Today in my garden, I am gifted with the visit of a stunning black and yellow swallowtail butterfly that settles on my swamp milkweed to feed. She spends enough time hovering for me to enjoy and take a few pictures. In the evening I get a better show. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a Mama deer with her fawn inside my neighbor’s chain link fence. Mama scales this with ease and heads to the meadow to feed. I worry about her baby. Mom doesn’t seem to as she wanders off a bit. Baby paces and contemplates her escape, checking out leaping over and crawling under options. Mama glances and seems to send a message, “You can figure this out on your own.”  Just then, baby crawls underneath to freedom in an acrobatic act I would’ve never thought possible. Before joining Mom, fawn’s curiosity is piqued by a red balloon drifting in the field. She approaches and sniffs it before deeming her reunion with Mom more important. She runs away and the two of them prance off together in the tall grass disappearing into the sunset. I am applauding mentally in delight at this sight as the balloon drifts upward and the wind sweeps it off in the other direction out of view, white ribbon trailing behind.

This decoration is merely a random leftover from someone else’s celebration, yet it remains to help me celebrate the end to a perfect day.

Look for the perfect in your days!

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