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Relaxing on Gratitude Day

From the Sanctuary:

The Universe has been kind this week, delivering a perfect fit job offer, which I enthusiastically accepted. Since receiving my nonrenewal notice from my employer a year ago, I’ve been part of a job search that I can only describe as humor filled. I’ve hit the submit button on so many different systems that I am almost hesitant now to click that captcha that reads, “I am not a robot,” seriously wondering whether I have become one.  I’ve had a Skype interview for a position down the hall, and a phone interview with a committee of five that was limited to ten minutes and one speedy question from each member that ended midway through a sentence with their declaration of, “Time’s up!”  I’ve received more electronic rejections for jobs I haven’t applied to than ones I have.  Bottom line, I persisted and prevailed.

During the process, I knew the Universe had a better plan waiting for me and all I had to do was be patient; ready to receive.  I will be working to serve the teen and young adult population I have grown to love during my career. In addition, I will also be working with refugees desiring to learn English and adult learners wanting to return to school. It is the perfect opportunity for me to exercise my passion to encourage and serve others.

To celebrate, I spend a contemplative Sunday of Thanks in the Sanctuary. Trust. Believe. Allow. Receive. Today it’s time to rejoice and receive. I look around and embrace the peace of understanding that if I just throw my desires out there and let myself be guided, they will manifest. I think this as I spend time interacting with nature’s late summer visitors. Grasshoppers, stink bugs and crane flies dot the screen of my enclosed porch. Henrietta, our resident giant garter snake rustles through the garden below, much to Baby Chewy’s (my kitty) delight.   After awhile, I grow uncomfortable in my seat, so I impulsively grab a beach towel and lie down on the deck sprawled out on my back like I used to as a teenager.  I let the sunshine warm my smiling face and meditate. I am overwhelmed by the gift of this new opportunity, which lines up intuitively with my vocational path.

After a time, the English Retriever grows restless, wanting to move, so I get up and take him to the creek. The water is quiet today and clear, revealing the smooth stones on the brown bottom; water skimmers on the top. We walk to the edge of the nearby field, which is alive with flowers, butterflies and buzzers. On the return trip, I notice the dandelions in blower form standing out from the manicured grass. Part of me wants to pick one and make a wish, yet I spare them knowing that there is nothing at this moment to wish for; today is a day centered on gratitude.  Tomorrow perhaps I will focus on those wishes and beliefs…the next book to be published, a White Jeep transport for my developing Capture Life nonprofit, a new creek bridge for the Sanctuary.  There’s always something to desire, but everything has its time.  For the moment I simply admire the sparkle and stature of the dandelions, leaving them to thrive in the grass.

Overall, this weekend has been a blast. Front row seats for a magic show Friday where the illusionist made my “Believe” ring disappear from a rope and reappear in his back pocket. Bonus, I was with a friend and her grandson who was picked to assist on stage, a thrill which he will likely never forget, judging from the smile on his face. Saturday brought an invitation from Son to attend the monster truck/demo derby event at the local racetrack. This wasn’t on my bucket list, yet I indulged and was impressed by those Big Boy Toys and the extensive education my own Big Boy enlightened me with about how they are built and run, so I add this to my list of spontaneous surprisingly awesome life moments instead.

As I close out Sunday’s sunset in the Sanctuary, I admire the word art facing me in my corner garden. “RELAX” is all the sculptured metal letters spell.  It is enough.  The deer come as dusk settles in and the last rays of the day penetrate the space between the slats of the fence behind it. I obey the message, trusting that the Universe is cradling, protecting and caring for me, rocking me gently into the approaching darkness.

Can’t wait to start the new position.

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