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Rose Colored Implants

I honestly do view the world through rose colored glasses. Let’s just say I wear the corneal implants. They complement my blue eyes, making them sparkle. After all, everything I view with them makes me smile. My vision is much more clear now that I have them. Before, I wasted much time and energy on the negative; it was exhausting. I’m ready to focus only on the good about life. Because I can.

The highlight of my week came in the form of a phone call yesterday at work, quite by accident.  The incoming calls were busy so I picked up a stray to help out my coworker.  I answered with the Good Morning greeting I’d used hundreds of times before and this smiling voice said, “Oh, you have the friendliest voice, I knew I was meant to call now.”  The woman on the other end had one simple question about our services, which I answered, yet our instantaneous divine connection inspired a conversation that continued on for ten minutes.  She told me her name.  When I told her mine she immediately made mention that she knew it was no coincidence that it was also Jesus’ Mother’s.  That association made me a bit uncomfortable; I did not feel worthy, yet she insisted. Back and forth we went, exchanging kind sentiments and compliments and words about blessings.  She shared with me that her mother had been murdered a year ago. I admired her free comfort in telling me that; I can only imagine such pain.  Yet she spoke poetry when she declared that my words were like an “order of tea and biscuits delivered straight from London; a refreshing cold glass of lemonade sipped on a porch on a hot summer’s day.” She explained that people came into her life every day that kept her away from the darkness of her experience.  I’d never received such a phone call before. Our exchange of laughter, loving words and hope was spontaneous and blissful. After we hung up, I felt her and her mother’s spirit surge through me and paused to take a breath to revel in it and feel the smile and tears of joy that rested behind my eyes. That feeling returns as I type this. I don’t have the words to describe such experiences; they just defy vocabulary, so I’ll say, “Heartfelt Thank you and Love, My Friend.”

My fun this week included witnessing two important skills I would like to acquire that aren’t appropriate for a resume, but a must have for life: walking through falling snow in a parking lot reading a paperback without missing a stride (I can transfer this one to the beach) and turning polite conversation about recipes into having someone cook something and deliver it to you the next day. I believe both are worth practicing. I also became aware of something new that causes me to giggle: hearing an approaching vehicle that sounds like it has a testosterone engine and expecting an attractive sports car, and when it comes into view it looks like an SUV your grandmother might drive. I had glee time with a special toddler playing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and hearing her version of “I love you,” where she adorably left out the word love, yet her face said it all. And a quote shared by my co-worker brought back comforting and laughable memories:

“If you wanna know who your tribe is, speak your truth. Then see who sticks around. Those are the people who get a spot in your blanket fort.”  True Story!

Who’s under the dining room table with me?

Keep speaking and having fun!

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