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To Wellness and Spring

Having fun with the new diagnosis this week. Met the new PT who was filled with nothing but encouragement for my MS after a thorough examination and assessment. Of course this will take some effort on my part, so there is exercise homework to do. I was instructed to get a playground ball, so I selected one with a Batman logo to make it extra fun. Then she gave me some activities to reprogram my brain to improve my physical self. Hey, if I successfully retrained it to reverse the negative thought process, this should be a piece of cake. I’m already feeling better.

Raising a glass in thanks for available treatments and the folks who deliver them. Especially nurse Dan who came to The Sanctuary to administer my latest steroid infusion. He carefully wrapped up the catheter for the next day’s administration. After he left, the orders for day two’s treatment were cancelled, and I celebrated learning that I’m good to go for a month with the exception of the catheter removal that Dan gave me instructions for over the phone. To do this, I stepped way out of my squeamish comfort zone, successfully completing the procedure while declaring out loud, ”Ewwwwwwwww!” More in my league was the Reiki treatment I received from friends that left me energy filled and relaxed for days after. This combination of Western and holistic medicine is doing the trick. I’m so gratetul for those dedicated health care professionals who have it in their hearts to complete those actions daily to serve others.

From the Sanctuary: Spring has sprung! A Canada goose has selected the top of my angled shed roof as a nesting spot just in time for Mothers Day. This tickles my sense of humor because it doesn’t seem very comfortable or safe to me. Like giving birth to my children in a tree, Smiles!

Earlier in the week the temperatures reached the seventies and I spent a glorious evening happily barefoot at last on the lanai with my glass of wine and spectacular show in front of me. As the sun set, I looked around and took in the explosion of leaves on the trees before me. The willows are growing their slender streamers again, adding delicate decorations in contrast to their bold branches. The close by maple tree that progressed from red bud to tiny red leaves has given birth to baby green leaves. At dusk the bats came out exercising their radar and speed against the midnight blue sky, feasting on the newly hatched insects. A mighty bird (owl or heron perhaps) flew out of the creek bed and flapped in slow motion just a few feet in front of me taking my breath away. All of this was accompanied by a soundtrack of peepers and I rejoiced in the showcase until night took over and I couldn’t see anymore.

Heading to bed that night I was at last able to open my bedroom window; less than twenty feet from the creek. Since then, my body relaxes instantly and my mind soothes immediately as I quickly fall asleep to the lullaby sound of the rushing, healing water.

To wellness and spring, may they always be a part of your life!

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