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Capture Life Writing is the sanctuary I created at my home when I had it certified as a National Wildlife Federation habitat to celebrate the nature that visits there. Psychiatry is not practiced here, respite is. Compassion, humor, and hope are cultivated. Wisdom is promoted through our resources and library and peace is found through self exploration and nature. It is important to know there are many options available to attain wellness, and The Sanctuary is a place for guests to find the ones that work for them.


Headquarters is in western New York where the universal language of Kindness is spoken, diagnoses, labels and symptoms are irrelevant, unplugging and reflecting are encouraged, listeners are provided and followers (of heart, inspiration, dreams and spirit) are born. We provide a non judgmental space in a natural setting for individuals or groups to gather. 

Acting on the principle that no one is disordered or disabled, we guide others to see their strengths, attributes, talents and offer mentoring and encouragement. Through careful listening, we help guests make sense of their own experiences, so they are able to see what is right about them rather than believing there is anything wrong with them. We are trauma informed, not trauma centric.


We also create true, loyal and lasting relationships through our networks, connecting people on a deep human level. We help one another.

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