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The Sanctuary is what I christened my home after I had it certified as a National Wildlife Federation Habitat to celebrate nature. Compassion, humor and hope are cultivated here through listening sessions and workshops. Wisdom is promoted through our resource sharing and library, and peace found through nature immersion, unplugging and reflection. It is important to know that there are many pathways to wellness, and The Sanctuary is an ideal place to discover some.

Spiritually Guided Writing and Mental Health.jpg

The Universal language of Kindness is spoken here. Diagnoses, labels and symptoms are irrelevant, Listening and mental health options are provided; destiny creators and followers (of heart, inspiration, dreams and spirit) are born. This is a non judgemental space for individuals and groups to gather and talk openly in a safe space about mental health challenges and solutions.

Acting on the principle that no one is disordered, we guide others to see their strengths, attributes and talents and offer mentoring and cheerleading. Through intent listening, we encourage guests to make sense of their own experiences so they are able to see what is right about them rather than believing anything is wrong with them. We are trauma informed, not trauma centric. We create sustainable relationships through our networks, connecting people on a deep human level.

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