Live It, Love It, Embrace It.




“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.”

– Hafez of Shiraz

A lifetime of writing, thirty years’ experience assisting college students in finding their vocational paths, combined with my passion for words, nature, and helping others have evolved into Capture Life Writing.


Headquarters is a sanctuary in Western New York where the universal language of Kindness is spoken; diagnoses, labels and limitations are dropped;  Myfi (unplugging and reflecting) is practiced; joy and harmony are promoted and shared; Listeners are available and Followers (of heart, intuition, dreams and spirit) are born.

We guide others to their strengths, attributes and dreams and offer the hope and encouragement necessary to achieve them, realizing the importance of maintaining the mind/body spirit connection.  Our mission is to eradicate the current cultural consensus concept of “mental illness.”


We all must work together to help one another. At Capture Life Writing, we help others through writing programs, coaching and mentoring to promote wellness by harnessing the power of words, love, joy, human and spiritual connections and nature. We don’t conduct business, we promote wellness, healing, wisdom and peace.



Beliefs for Capture Life Writing…


…believe that we are humans (not numbers, diagnoses, data or labels) to appreciate and love
…focus on strengths and attributes, not symptoms
…communicate and teach only the universal language of Kindness
…are powered by Myfi, love and non-digital human and heart connections
…know that all personal stories are unique and important
…encourage all without judgment
…understand that a sanctuary is a place of safety, acceptance, wellness, play
…share the belief that we are all perfectly well, human; not disordered
…help each other build trust and true, loyal, deep and lasting relationships
…have the goal of reaching intuitive and perpetual joy and recalculating to authentic self
…cheerlead each other to capture life while we’re alive

Miracles and magic happen here because we believe in them.


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