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It’s a curious place to be. Floating in this newly designed Covid 19 world has me isolated by the socially-established quarantine. By accepting its terms and agreements, complete with the limits on freedom that this regime offers, the irony of the situation does not escape me. The fear that the media and our government have instilled in most of our population has spread further and faster than any virus ever will. I find it amusing that most of us believe in a higher power to protect us from “evil” things and also believe in eternal life and yet we are terrorized by the thought of the statistically miniscule chance of catching this virus and even smaller chance of succumbing to it to transition to that eternal life and light that we proclaim to believe in. I am not afraid to die at the expense of a CBD (Covid be Damned) hug, yet at the same time I respect others by asking permission to hug, thrilled that most are receptive. Let me die in the name of love, rather than live in a world that thinks every human should stand apart at a distance of six predetermined feet, and following the directional stickers on the supermarket floor to keep each other “safe”.

Suspended in this random Covid 19 world between joy and realignment to joy is interesting! Last week my son and I were dining outside at a restaurant known for its vast outdoor playground. Now the play area is roped off and an employee monitors the area ensuring that no one trespasses. Little children were turned away repeatedly, which made us a little sad. Fast forward a few days when I was taking a nature walk with a friend in a local park. In between a scenic pond and the antiquated mighty oak trees was a playground with no barriers. Scores of children climbed and slid, and one particular dad and son tickled my funny bone riding side by side and moving back and forth on metal spring animals. I mentally joined them in their laugh out loud moment, relieved about society’s random rules and grateful for my ability to know joy when I see it.

While I read about the havoc this quarantine is wreaking in the psychological sense, this isolation has been mentally healthy for me in that it has given me the opportunity to look at my own life from what I consider to be a logical point of view which differs a great deal from our society’s definition of logical. I am able to appreciate the contrast. In the decades that I spent helping college students navigate their internships and career paths, many would express that the experience showed them what they didn’t want to do for the rest of their life. I applauded their honesty and reminded them what an important lesson in contrast that is in pointing them toward what they do want to do. I’ve experienced those same kind of contrast lessons about myself in refining my roles and services for Capture Life Writing. Who do I really want to be in terms of helping my fellow humans? It’s an important question for me.

I’m not a therapist or a judge, I am a listener. Therapy is best when generated from within. The same can be said about coaching. Right now life coaching is at the top of the list of popular careers. It is my belief that we are our own best coaches. If I can best be of service to others, it is to guide them to that inner coach, so I am more of a guide. And I’m definitely not a leader. The world is full of leaders and people clamoring to the top of the leader heap so they can be in charge. I am a follower. Of my heart, inspiration, dreams and spirit. Those will take me to the top of my game, where I am the only competitor. Contrast, yes. By realizing what you are not, it gradually introduces you to who you truly are. And that is always a beautiful thing. And remember, if anyone has labeled you any form of disordered, don’t give that all of your attention. For you are most definitely not.

From the Sanctuary:

Contrast is consistent in nature also:

Fuzzy bees and soft feathered goldfinches have been braving my prickly thistle, and gray cloudy skies were canceled out as the peeking sunshine cast golden light on the trees below them. We were gifted with and entertained by a family of turkeys with numerous chicks that marched through the yard recently. As late summer transitions into fall, Nature continues to deliver perfection.


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