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Let There be Light

Tapping into my spiritual self to share with you because that is what I am feeling this evening.  With Thanksgiving in the past, I am cherishing the memory of a wonderful, small family/friend celebration complete with fireplace fire to kick high into gear with the magical holiday season.  Raised on Christmas, this former Catholic has broadened her idea of the holidays through cross-cultural interactions to instead embrace winter solstice which to me incorporates all of mankind’s religions and celebrations with Mother Nature’s transformation of darkness into light.  It allows me to wish a sincere Happy Holidays to All.   I still hold onto many of my favorite Catholic/Christian messages, including the concept of communion, The Our Father prayer, Sign of Peace and Jesus’ simple message of “Love One Another.”  I had this in mind as I recently had my kitchen repainted and hung a collage on the wall featuring photos of my family together and happy.  Some photos include relationships that are in flux, yet no matter.  These people represent those that I love, and neither time nor circumstances can change the way I feel about all of those smiling faces.

Honored to have appeared as a guest on the “Welcome to See the Good” blog last week.  Kathy is a fellow writer who administers the site and promotes nothing but positive thoughts and messages, a welcome daily addition to my inbox in between the other inspirational quotes and passages that keep me moving forward and delivering my own words of kindness.


Earlier this week the first significant snowfall arrived and the new contracted plow guy lived up to his commitment.  MS be damned, temperatures bearable wearing layers and itchy to be active, I tackled the sidewalk and porch with a shovel.  Other than that I was content to admire the beauty of the fallen snow from the inside, researching my next book with a blanket in my lap.  As the snow melted this afternoon, my son’s girlfriend pointed out a heart-shaped grassy area in the snow and pointed it out to me while capturing it with her camera.  I’m delighted to share it here.

Daughter and I dropped off Midge the Wonder Foster Dog to her forever family nearby this week, so I no longer have the company of a one-eyed 40 pound Pit Bull thinks-she-is-a lap dog.  I miss her so much, yet am happy to have passed on her mutual love and affection to others.  This is good practice to adapt as I plan my own fostering dreams for children who need the love that I have to offer here at the Sanctuary.  Meanwhile, other pit bulls wait in the wings as next temporary CLW mascots.  My lap is ready!

I’m grateful for all of the time this retirement concept affords me, yet the “serving heart” part of me yearns to be expressing herself.  I’m working on funding my second floor build and getting to know my close-knit Clarence community.  I joined the Friends of the Clarence Library and Chamber of Commerce to network to see what others are doing and who may be able to help.  I’ve also lassoed the dean at the UB School of Social Work who has offered to assist.  Emotional and mental wellness promotional contacts and opportunities exist in abundance, so I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

As I write this, loud bangs (familiar at other times of the year) draw me to the living room window and a distant, yet bright fireworks display presents itself on the horizon on this rainy December night.  So refreshing and beautiful!  Once again, it pays to be alert and receptive to the unexpected gifts in life.  Those are always the best.

Sending laughter and light to all!

Love, Mary

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