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Manifesting the Future

Sometimes in life we have to be daring in our manifestations.  I finally have the courage to dream big about my future.  Why not.  My life has been fantastic up to this point so why shouldn’t I expect that to continue.  I’ve always had a roof over my head, food on my table, money in the bank, people who love me; everything and everyone I’ve dreamed about has come into my life in perfect time. There’s abundance in every area.  I used to think that circumstances in life were a matter of luck and that you jinxed it by speaking about how good it was.  Not any more. A few months ago I found myself contemplating suicide, trapped in the most desperate time of my life.  My reflective side had to think back and find out how someone that thrives in the light and has become such a beacon to others had sunk into such a dark place.  And I found the answer.  It was during one of the few times that I did not follow my heart.

We all have that inner voice that keeps us on our personalized pathways of truth, masterfully paved by our desires where we are watched over by the Universe and have our hands held by our spirit guides.  They reassure, like the canvass on my wall that my son’s girlfriend made me, “Everything will always be okay.” When we step off the pavement beyond that truth, the voice, or some other sign calls us back. I had turned my back on belief and put myself in a situation that brought me so far away from my path, that I couldn’t find my way back, choosing to ignore my guide. In this particular case, my friends, family, blogs, culture were telling me to behave a certain way when my truth knew quite another, and I was distracted to the point where my inner voice was merely a faint whisper, the feeling a mere twinge.  I couldn’t reconcile, so I gave in to the world, betrayed my heart and retreated into the blackness.

My spirit guide, of course, grabbed my hand and led me away from all of the comments, advice and opinions and I at last turned away from my despair and said, “No! My reality about this situation is different.”  And like a snapped rubber band, I catapulted back onto my path relieved, my sanity intact. My inner voice immediately responded, “Welcome Back, Mary.  What took you so long?”  Anger and sadness retreated, love flooded back to my heart, the light and joy returned and enveloped me. Harmony remains, and I wonder now, why do we sacrifice ourselves with that resistance of what we know to be right for us rather than trust our intuition?

I love this bold new future that I’m manifesting, based on the unlimited boundaries of where I dare to let my heart go now, one that I created with my own idea of perfect reality. I know, because despite what the world would have me believe, I’m already there, and I feel it.  Deeply.

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