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Mommy Love from the Snow Globe

From the Sanctuary:

Magic keeps happening here. At last the tree and bush buds have fully emerged and the air is drifting with cottony seeds rather than snowflakes. I feel like I am immersed in the glitter of a snow globe, only warm. Thousands fall at a snail’s pace, taking my blood pressure with them. Exquisitely beautiful relaxation.

The Sanctuary is alive with activity. There is a treasure trove of bumble bees, yellow finches, cardinals, mourning doves, mallard ducks, catbirds, bluejays, red winged blackbirds and orioles all competing in song. ‘Tis a lovely concert. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby geese on the shed roof nest. I thought I saw some movement when Mama hopped off for a bit this morning to eat breakfast, so I stepped outside for a closer look. She didn’t mind my presence, but no fuzzy peeking heads yet. An evening visit from a curious deer this week came within 15 feet of my enclosed space. She came closer when I gently called to her during my sunset gratitude ritual, and that made my day. Thrilled to report that the butterfly garden is thriving and Wild Geraniums, Bee Balm and Bachelor Buttons are back. A new shepherd’s hook has been added with extra bird feeders and the hummingbirds have found their way back, yay!

The grounds are taking beautiful shape thanks to the diligent assistance of Son who came and spent a day trimming, shaping mulching, landscaping. He requested my company as he worked, so I tagged along for hours of uninterrupted conversation. This continued after the work was done and well into the darkness while we shared beers on the porch. Priceless!

Proud to announce the arrival of my new Granddog, Midge. Daughter and partner are fostering her as she recovers from eye surgery. She’s a beauty of a Pit Bull and very affectionate, but then again, I’m biased. Kudos to Son’s partner who aligned herself closer to her sea life rescue dreams with the acquisition of a new position at the Aquarium of Niagara Falls. Go Girl!

Mothers Day brought another special landscaping/beer/conversation visit from my son and a backyard party with my Daughter. Flowers (in today’s photo) and a special bracelet she made with a new technique had the message, “It is well with my soul.” She knows me. A belated celebration barbecue brought me a joy-filled day out hosted by Son-by-Love Osmosis, his partner and their Little One Daughter and friends. Precious moments. Also, an afternoon spent with my twenty-something Godson talking about healing and people helping each other did us both good. Since Mom has always been my favorite role, it’s hard for me to describe the way these gatherings and gifts touched my heart. So I will try these words learned from my daughter, Woot and Huzzah! And Thank You!

Capture Life Writing is unfolding and flowing. Reconciliation of the Heart, my memoir of my journey to Joy, Love and Compassion will be at the publisher’s this week, and hopefully to readers this summer. It’s my heart and soul’s greatest work. The evolving plan to deliver mental and emotional wellness from the Sanctuary and beyond is solid enough that my venture coach tells me that I need only the data to seek funding. Since I am number-challenged and data is a four-letter word, I’m reaching out to a friend for that one. Smiles! Meanwhile, life and the Universe keep bringing me the good folks and opportunities to build my dream and I am so grateful.

For a phenomenal good news moment, Google “Rita Ganim Message in a Bottle” for a heartwarming and fun read about how a random act turned miracle by my friend and humor mentor 20 years ago has touched an 11-year-old’s life.

May your Memorial Day trigger many happy memories of awesome times and loved ones!

Love, Mary

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