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Pensive Walk Last Fall

Feeling poetic tonight, so sharing this one from a walk last fall:

When the outside world’s chaos seems unforgivable and inescapable, The stream still flows with its bubbles of foam skimming the top. The redwing blackbirds still perch at the very top of the dead tree calling to each other. The turkey vulture still soars high above in the clear blue sky. The small birds still flit in the bushes. Crickets and cicadas still call. The ants still crawl one at a time over my skin. The sunlight casts a lovely reflection off the banks downstream, contrasting with the adjacent white blooming asters and shimmering. The willow branches still hover over the water, dangling all the way. The green fauna, speckled with the occasional yellow flower, still decorates the barren rocks, brightening the landscape. The bullfrog still croaks, interrupting, making me laugh out loud.

I still find love and Mother Nature’s stillness still stills me, filling me with joy.

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